The Story

graphic-onlyfeathers & eggshells – wild new things are born is a little shop by artist and designer, Wrenna K Hubbard.

“I have always taken notice of the quirky, wild and wonderful around me. I love geometry, puzzles, fitting things together in unusual ways along with pulling them apart. I have always taken a little too long staring at the shape of the clouds or the way the light falls in my living room as it passes through the trees at sunset. My imagination is rampant.

I have always longed to put something like this together and have spent years trying things out…… inside my mind. This is me, finally publishing the mad collection of ideas in my journals that have secretly built up in piles in my hallway bookshelves like little, lost city towers, slowly but surely merging together to create a derelict, occasionally revisited metropolis! It is time for the wild things who live there to thrive, to not only see the light of day but to feel a reason for being running through their veins. It is time the wild new things were born.”